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Zotac ha presentato due nuovi box esterni con Thunderbolt 3 utilizzabili come eGPU

Zaino per computer fino Sades GT, cuffie da gaming con cancellazione del rumore a 13,99 euro 19 Feb Le migliori telecamere Homekit da integrare in Casa con Apple 19 Feb I migliori Mouse per Mac ad inizio 17 Feb I migliori gimbal per smartphone di inizio 17 Feb Guida definitiva: Le migliori stampanti per iPhone, iPad e Mac di inizio 3 Feb I migliori monitor per Mac di inizio 3 Feb FAQ e Tutorial. Come passare i dati da un vecchio ad un nuovo iPhone 18 Feb Continuity Camera su Mac, iPhone, iPad: Seguici e aggiungi un Like: Sette funzioni utili che tutti gli utenti Mac ignorano 1 Feb Trimestre Apple, profitti stabili e fatturato in discesa ma senza crolli 29 Gen I migliori SSD per Mac di inizio Airpods 2, uscita, specifiche, prezzi: Now that the primary is nand flash which takes up less space, has the cooling replace all this dead space?

The sad story is, even the most expensive mac nowadays is not designed to have space to accommodate the 2. How does Apple deal with a flash storage failure during or after Apple Care period? Does entire mini need to be replaced? If the flash storage were to fail the main logic board would be replaced. Outside of the warranty period would be an expensive repair for the end user. The logic board will need to be replaced. Maybe third party board repair places will find ways to replace the individual storage chips or controllers.

But even that seems unlikely due to the T2. The trick is not to over wear the flash! You need to keep enough free space for the drive to breathe! What do you think? It supports up to 6 USB 3. I wonder why? You say the flash storage is not user-upgradable. Would someone relatively professional be able to upgrade it obviously voiding any warranty…? Thanks for any insight! While it may be possible to melt and reflow a new memory chip in the future, I would definitely suggest external storage as an easier and safer alternative. Since my toolset did not include the T5, I wanted to have an Apple genius to upgrade it for me as recommended by Apple https: I called Apple support and after wasting 15min with the first Apple tech, who offered a genius bar appointment 2 days out, I then spoke to his Apple support manager.

One of the first things the Apple support manager said: But, that is not in stock yet, because the product is so new. Last night I returned my MM to the Apple store for a full refund. I have to think about my next step…. By law, Apple cannot void your warrantee based on replacing the RAM.

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The only thing that would not be coved is the RAM itself or if you caused physical damage to the logic board. That manager was incorrect. Need to keep the original RAM just in case. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding whether upgrading the RAM voids the warranty. The best suggestion I have personally seen is, if you self-upgrade, then keep the original RAM available to swap back in before you take your mini in for Warranty Service. That Samsung drive is stupidly expensive, though. Compare to their evo in a 3rd-party enclosure at less than half the cost.

I also am curious if there is a way to deselect the onboard storage in case it is intermittently bad but not totally failed or you just want to test a new OS version without totally committing. Is this mainly about the T2 chips security or ssd functionaility? Just hold down the option key when booting to select the boot volume.

However, the default security settings on Macs with a T2 chip are to disallow booting from external media. This article explains how to use the Startup Security Utility to change those settings: If the flash is actually dead, no. The flash storage is required for the T2 chip to hold bridgeOS.

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No bridgeOS, no boot. Not cheap but equipped exactly as I want it. It is really helpful to know exactly what you are getting before buying. No nasty surprises. Well done iFixit. Well done Apple. It says there is 1 ADC on it, on the Cirrus-website. Does that mean, you can connect a headset? Yes, an external wired speaker or headphones will work. Most people are likely to go with a Bluetooth set. Not inside apparently, but external SSD will solve your needs! I use external SSD on my edition! Booting from it even, fassst! Is it possible to put a ssd inside and route it to one of the ports outside?

Is there room for an additional drive inside? Complaining that the MM is not modular; it is, you have to step back and think outside of the case, literally and figuratively. The MM has thunderbolt 3 ports guys! And what will you do when your soldered flash storage fails because it will , like it failed on my MM out of warranty.

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So people are concerned because we know that SSDs fail within yrs. SSD endurance has been increasing over time - early models were more likely to fail faster than anything in the past few years. Trying to run with no free space is what does them in as the wear leveling and garbage collection TRIM over wear the drive! The soldered flash is a dealbreaker for me. Failure due to normal wear in this Mini would require a new system board.

Why could they not find room for an M2 slot when there was enough room for 2 x 2. Yeah, desktop class CPU, I know but not worth the sacrifice imho. Replaced it with the aftermarket SSD, no sweat. It looks like it could be opened rather easily. Would be great if you could share some insight there. Thanks B-. I would have thought that anyone visiting iFixIt would at least have some kind of technical acumen and know enough to not ask clearly ridiculous questions.

This comment section has proven me wrong. I would love it if these diagrams could highlight the components when hovering over the text describing them, and vice-versa. While it is a pleased surprise to be able to upgrade the RAM, the lack of storage expansion is a big negative here. Why should I get a mac mini to save space only to fill my desk with external HDDs afterwards? I guess they will release a mac mini pro with upgradable storage and call it innovation… and charge more for it.

Not really a big negative at all! Keep in mind the T2 storage solution needs to be setup the way Apple did it. So expanding the raw flash would not be possible as that could expose your data. Lastly, the USB-C Thunderbolt ports 4 of them is more than enough to met anyones needs for additional external storage that could be wicked fast! I am confused by everyone being so concerned about the soldered SSD.


Lo slot per la scheda video è molto spazioso e può ospitare praticamente OpenGL non sfrutterò la scheda video esterna nel monitor integrato, Apple meno consigliata come setup, preferibili Mac mini, MacBook Pro ecc. Parliamo del PowerColor Mini Pro, un box completo di porte USB, LAN con . sulle schede video esterne, è stata Akitio ad ufficializzare il passaggio delle eGPU da OWC, la società leader nel settore storage, connettività e software per Mac, Akitio ha prodotto il primo chassis GPU esterno Mac compatibile, Akitio Node e.

I think the real issue is lack of internal expandability of the SSD storage space. While I can see how people view other systems that have serviceable storage. The way the cells are written is done differently than a traditional SSD. This is why its faster! Apple then added encryption making a very secure storage solution. Even still I not see this as that big a deal.

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Ultime 24 Ore: Is it possible to put a ssd inside and route it to one of the ports outside? Not making the storage user-serviceable? I clienti che hanno visto questo articolo hanno visto anche. Ripara file. Posso scontare se prendete in blocco Grazie per l'attenzione. Nessun commento Giu 15,

Having all your eggs in one basket does put them at risk. That holds true here. I prefer having by deeper storage within an external drive solution. Does it show up as an extra partition in diskutil list? Daddy, what's a computer? Is it possible to use an external ssd for booting and not use the internal ssd to prevent is fail? Jose D. I will be keeping my Mac Mini Server. I switched to Apple because their product lasts about 10 years, and I can justify the extra cost. Since Apple slowed down my iPhone6, and in my opinion killed the battery on purpose. — La community italiana eGPU

I will find a phone that has a replaceable battery. I might even buy a Fire Tablet to replace my iPad Air 2. My hope is that someone perfects a linux phone and tablet. There must be some kind of MUX switch. An entire logic board replacement for a failed drive is just bonkers and it will be mightily expensive out of the 1 year limited warranty.

I wasn't a fan of the model, which is what I have on my desk, but it is almost adequate. It was entryism to the Mac, it was for experimenting with and doing other things. I prefer a Unlike the T, T2 is designed to kill itself.

Good to know we can upgrade the ram. If the connect point of wifi antenna cable is broken during tear down. Is it impact of device performance? Scegli una Lingua: Aiuta a Tradurre iFixit. Smontaggio Mac Mini modello fine Pubblicato: November 9, Strumenti necessari in questo Smontaggio Acquista questi strumenti.

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To me, it looks like the fan screws can be removed, the fan tipped-up to provide access to the logic board screws underneath, and then the logic board with fan still sitting on top , then pushed out the back of the chassis with the patented thumb-tools… Depending on how much slack there is on the antenna cable, even it may be able to remain attached but I kind of doubt that.

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