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Microsoft Office support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra That full installer is only around a gigabyte because when they lay down the apps they lay down the skeleton of the apps but only dump one copy of the shared framework. One of the post install scripts copies that one copy of the frameworks into each app bundle which balloons everything up to the six gigs or so in the installation. We are using so I have been able to upgrade peoples installs just using that full installer. Updates for Office applications for Windows are often separate as well.

While this is annoying I would hardly call it shocking. Smith The "updaters," at this point, really are just the full installers, just missing the Volume Licensing stuff and Microsoft Auto Updater. I would think there should be no difference in the user experience. Any consensus on installing the volume license version, apply the updates then repackaging with Composer? I've never done that with and Office install, so didn't know if was recommended. The Office installation is fairly complex and scripted, I would simply use Microsoft's deployment packages.

I have exactly zero "captured" applications packaged with Composer. I don't trust that method, frankly. Smith The update packages for Office do not close the program when they are run. On the next opening of it, they will be the new version. If you want, you can run them silently. I'd probably pop something for after the policy runs to let the user know they need to quit out of the program and reopen it.

Office for Mac update doesn't include fix for crashes under OS X El Capitan | Computerworld

I would say you would be fine with a Composer snapshot. I'm not using that method, but I did one first in a virtual machine just to see what gets put where, and it worked fine. All the "scripting" in the Microsoft deployment package really does is copy the "shared" stuff -- the Frameworks, the Proofing stuff, and the Fonts -- from one location into each of the application bundles.

I recommend against using snapshots. Using a method like this one is more modular, and will probably prove easier to maintain as Office updates are released. I think the multiple updates is more a function of their new subscription model. Some users don't want, need, or buy PowerPoint for example.

So why have an updater that includes PowerPoint as well as everything if the end user doesn't have it. Has anyone been able to find the Office Administrator guide? The only thing I've been able to find is the Office version: You mean this? Yeah I saw that but it was only for Outlook. I couldn't find anything that covered any of the other apps in the suite too.

Hi all. Just made available in Self Service for our users and sure enough they are already asking for updates my users are not local admin. And then I find they are all split up?!?!?! So I downloaded all the PKG's and put them all into a policy to push out to users. Is this what you're all doing? Can't believe the size. Hope this is addressed soon. We're just getting started with Casper and Macs in general and we're not sure where to go first.


WIth Microsoft moving to a regular update cadence though, we need to get it figured out, as our desire is to not have our users operating with admin rights though we may have a challenge with developers. Going to post a thread about that shortly. KSchroeder I just added all the individual pages to a policy and pushed it out to a smart group that looks specifically at users vs users. Did the trick but I wish it wasn't so granular. We will need to find the latest 'KB Article' like https: Fortunately Microsoft has been making most of these updates available directly from their Security TechCenter page:.

Bookmark This. I've been looking through the interwebz for this, but haven't found much on the subject As part of another project, I've posted both plists and configuration profiles to suppress this and the first run windows:. Other folks have posted similar and may include more to suppress than this, but this is what meets my needs. Been discussed on the microsoft-office slack channel This setting will most likely get updated per-app per-release as new features are added.

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Provides IT Pros with information about the latest updates for Office for Mac, including links to download packages, and an update history. Office for Mac includes versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook that are designed for the Mac, yet are unmistakably.

It may not be worth the chase to suppress it every time there is an update. It may actually have useful info! For those interested:.

Hi, ryan. I decided to give this a try and in my testing it works just fine as a system wide preference. I also looked at this blog post by Tim Sutton and it looks like he came to the same conclusion for some of the other settings. We have been trying to find a delta update for Microsoft Office that works for us since moving to What we've been doing is this - Simply install the apps manually on our lab machine that has Casper tools, then drag the five Office apps into Composer that will dump the apps straight to Macintosh HD: We then have a preinstall script in the package that deletes the 5 existing applications before installing the new versions.

Because we have separate package for the serialization, this is a pretty simple package that we just reuse in Composer for each new version of the suite. The only problem?

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This package is nearly 4GB. All of our packages are cached to users machines then we have a weekly log out policy Thursday evening that installs all cached packages and runs Apple Software updates as well as some maintenance routines. It's just something all Mac users account for when logging out on Thursdays before leaving for lunch, or before leaving at the end of the day. So Office We first tried just dumping Microsofts "Update" package directly into Casper Admin.

But it errors out when the jss tries to download it to the users systems. Thinking it was because it was another funky package, which we have seen in the past with Microsoft and Adobe install packages, we created a Composer package that installs the Microsoft installer into a Library folder.

Most current packages for other Mac programs from Microsoft

The Composer package has a preinstall script to delete the old versions of Office first, then the installer dumps the Microsoft update package into the Library folder, and then a post Install script has a command line to use Apple's installer on the Microsoft installer, and then another command line to delete the Microsoft package.

Unfortunately Apples installer still doesn't work on Microsoft's package in this manner either probably for the same reason - which is maybe because Microsoft's installer requires user involvement? So we're back to our simple 4GB package. It works. I expect that video should be online within the next couple of weeks. Simply put, if you're updating more than two Office apps, you're better off applying the full 1. Microsoft supports this method. With that said, Paul did announce he's working on Microsoft AutoUpdate 4. We don't have all the specifics, but MAU already updates using deltas, the total of which are smaller than the 1.

If your environment supports allowing MAU to connect and download updates, then this may be a solution in the near future. That definitely coincides with what I've found as far as package sizes. The only problem is, we can't seem to get the "Microsoft" package to either download to the clients from Casper, or run appropriately from a shell command with Apples "Installer" app. Maybe we're just missing something.

Microsoft Office 2016

Any suggestions on that regard? For MAU 4. If so, would they run for the users with "Standard" accounts? Would there be a way for Casper to trigger these updates thru MAU? Or shall I just wait for the video, that explains it all? I've taken the approach of simply deploying the entire suite installer each month without issue or concern. I certainly prefer the old MB combo updater, but bloated sandboxed apps are all the rage now, cache it for install.

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What sort of DP's are you using? We have dp's at our three largest offices - our two remote dp's are a single Mac Mini's with Mac OS Only at our home office where I'm at do we have two Mac Mini's.

Outlook Won’t Work in MacOS High Sierra – Fix

Pretty straight forward, simple setup. We really appreciate the KISS policy. Anyone have any experience going that route? Would running the full installer not replace all files that hold the users data such as Outlook email accounts? We you'd have to set them up again?

Maybe I'm wrong and this is kept separate int he User Data folder in Documents? Not entirely sure, but not something I fancy!! I've used it successfully since Office came out with no ill-effects. Just download the full suite, drag the pkg to Casper Admin, and deploy. If that isn't working there is something wonky with your config Smith Always good to know you've never had any issues!

How does it work for users with Office applications open when it tries to install? Will it fail and then try again after the fail log has been flushed? Or does it quit the app and install the update? This means you have a few options for purchasing Office If you are looking for Office or Office for Mac, please click here.

If you're an admin and want to update the computers in your organization with your existing software deployment tools, you can download and deploy the update packages for each application. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.

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