Mac foundation pump fit for revlon colorstay It's definitely worth it as you save so much more foundation with a pump because you prevent accidentally pouring out too much foundation. It is a bit pricey but I don't mind and you can only really use it for one foundation as I've tried recycling one and using it for a different foundation but it's impossible to clean. A must have and keeps the amount I need under control. The pump works well to dispense the foundation. I find it hard to believe that you would only need one pump per lifetime as one MAC makeup artist claimed to me.

Once I finished my foundation I removed the pump to clean it. The foundation gets stuck in the pump so I believe bacteria could be in the old foundation if you only get one per lifetime. Overall I believe the pump should be included as a decency. I have acne-prone skin so I much prefer foundations with pumps for hygiene and that it's less messy. I like how this has a locking mechanism and also a lid which is great for travel and not letting air get inside. I would recommend this even though it really is something we shouldn't have to buy with just one of MAC's foundations.

I bought this for the mac foundation I got because it didn't come with a pump dispenser. It also has a little protective cap so very ergonomic. This keeps my hands clean and me using less product. I once bought one as they didn't come with the foundation, although totally unnecessary. Other than the fact they should be included with the foundation, they don't pick all of it up leaving you to unscrew it and force the foundation out yourself. The only good thing I would say is they are handy as MAC foundation bottles are a complete mess. I love the idea of using a pump for foundation, it makes it so much easier to use, as well as more hypoallergenic.

The fact that this is sold separatly from the foundation itself is a bit disappointing, as it should come already attached, but it was worth the extra money for the convenience, and the pump helps you use less foundation as well. The foundations should come with a pump already.

Don't get suckered in to buy this pump, just put some on the back of your hand - turn your brush upside down and dip the handle in to get some product out!! It keeps my bottle neat with out all the spillage, and it easy to use. It also comes with a little cap so that the product doesn't dry out.

It's great to see a cosmetics brand offering the option of a pump to be used with their foundation bottles! I wish more brands would follow lead. This fits perefctly with all MAC foundation bottles I have tried. The pump disperses product a lot easier than having to tip product out, not to mention eliminating a lot of mess and product wastage.

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This little pump is one saviour! Its a lot cleaner having the pump instead of tipping it on my hand and dabbing away. I find using the pump, I save a lot more product too. I didn't know this existed til a MA asked me if I wanted one! I used studiofix fluid but it was so messy I switched to mineralize satin finish.

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Would this pump fit the Revlon Colorstay foundation? asked on March It works for me so far only on the Mac foundation bottle I occasionally buy. Whittney C. I could have sworn I read somewhere that the $6 NARS pump does fit the colorstay bottle (I know the MAC one doesn't) but now I can't find the.

Then I wanted to go back to studiofix and dreaded the drippy gooey top of the bottle. This little guy solves all of my worries, and I can reuse it over and again! Thankyou mac!! It's quite hard to review this product because it really depends on what type of foundation you have.

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When I say that, I mean what kind of packaging. For example, the Revlon Colorstay Foundation has a smaller bottle opening so the pump didn't fit which was a bummer. But it fits most of the other foundations I've got. My suggestion is that it should offer pumps that comes with various sizes to fit a more wider range of foundations. If that happens, I'll give this product full marks. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. It has mad a big difference to typical dry skin areas: Once again Maybelline does not disappoint with this latest addition to the super stay coverage range.

This foundation is super easy to use and it glides onto your skin smoothly. Some Palmolive scents can be poorly blended, but this hand wash smells lovely! There is more vanilla than almond scent.

It's interesting how we discover products - I learn a lot from here on BH, friends and also some of the…. That is a breakthrough, if this does come into fruition. Has any other beauty on BH heard about this…. As we get older our eyes tell it the most.

Does the NARS foundation pump fit the Revlon Colorstay bottle?

There are so many treatments for under eyes and fine lines…. With the advent of technology, things took a drastic change, as people started using the online sites…. Hello buddy, Good day to all. And also sorry for my off topic here. I need your help with one of my…. Skip to main content. Request new password.

You are here. Foundation Pump Reviews. Reviews Reviews reflect the honest opinions of beautyheaven members. JasmineRay 5 Jan 7: Any Tips?: Ideal For I was super stoked!

Is this supposed to come with a pump or not? In store it had a pump but mine didn't?

I was really bummed out. Am I the only one who feels like every time I open it up, a ton of bacteria probably fly in there? If I want completely full caked coverage, I usually use about 2 pumps, but if I want to go a little lighter, 1 pump is all it takes! Thanks in advance if you decide to make a purchase using the links in this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about future blog posts, this blog post, or any products that you recommend to me, please leave your thoughts below! I would appreciate it.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here! Thanks so much for this info! Hehe, so glad I could help! I totally know the struggle of not having a pump! I hope this helps. There are a lot foundation pump saling on amazon that fit and match estee lauder even better than mac pump and cheaper. One of them called koocoo mummy foundation pump. Hope this help. Awww, yay! I love Estee Lauder double wear And tried to get the pump for it finally search on Google and found you Thanks for sharing a good things.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Or does estee lauder changed the size of the bottle? I know the one that I bought fits mine perfectly, but I did purchase it quite a while ago. I hope the next pump fits your foundation well!

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  • Let’s Talk.. Getting A Pump For Your Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation;

Hope this helps because it helped me!! Amazon has a pump that looks like the cap for the EL double wear foundation gold and shiny.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Pump

Works on many foundation bottles. I believe the seller is koocoo mummy. Another website one can go to find a pump for different foundations is http: Just a cheaper option for those who want it! This is the one.