How to wipe mac disk

Thankfully, getting everything wiped and back to its original state isn't too complicated or painful a procedure any more.

If you never installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4

Here's how to go about it in the latest Mac OS X. Restoring your computer back to its original state, whether on Windows or Mac, is a whole lot easier than it used to be—restore partitions original copies of the OS integrated into your laptop , downloadable software and automatic backups mean the process is no longer as hair-pullingly frustrating as it was five or ten years ago. That said, you are wiping everything off your machine: Make sure all your photos, music, apps and so on are backed up somewhere else, because you're going to be starting again from scratch.

How to Securely Erase Data from Your Mac and External Drives

Where are your emails? Where's your iTunes library?

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What do I do with a Mac that still has personal data on it? Do I take out the disk drive and smash it? Do I sweep it with a really strong magnet?. A step-by-step guide how to wipe all your data and settings before When you reset Mac, all the information you have on your hard drive is.

Check once and then check again to make sure you can get everything back again. Make sure to deauthorize any apps—such as iTunes or Photoshop—that you're going to download afresh, because your newly wiped computer is going to be viewed as a new machine.

How to Securely Erase Data from Your Mac and External Drives | The Mac Security Blog

Be well-informed about the results of the wipe operation to verify when wipe operations have been successfully accomplished. Enjoy support of a wider range of hardware configurations with the option to add drivers for specific hardware on-the-fly. Creates a bootable wiping media in a few clicks Ten different disk sanitization algorithms Wiping SSD Wipe exactly what you need - hard disks, separate partitions or free space Wipe data even if your Mac fails to boot.

Overview Resources. Why Paragon Disk Wiper for Mac? Ten different disk sanitization algorithms support Irreversibly destroy all on-disk data in compliance with major national government and military data erasure standards, as well as the most comprehensive academic wipe algorithms, thus providing maximum level of security US DoD Flexible customization option Create your own wipe algorithm with minimal effort — define up to 4 wiping patterns, number of passes for each wiping pattern and for the group of patterns, thus resulting in over possible number of passes.

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A few common scenarios that warrant a secure wipe of your drive include:. There are plenty of users out there who say, "It's ok, I have nothing to hide," when issues like these are brought up.

How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery

Odds are everyone does these things. Whether it's the NSA, a burglar or someone who rummages through garbage for old hard drives with the intention of extracting data, we can rest assured or not so much that there are people out there who are after your data. Targeted or by accident, if a nefarious individual gets their hands on your data, you can very well end up in trouble. In all of the above mentioned scenarios that warrant a secure wipe of your drive, your data is leaving your possession, so making sure it is properly deleted is paramount. Whether your Mac is used to store school work, projects at work, personal files or just used for browsing the web, information from that Mac is valuable to someone other than you.

Also think of photos, videos, chats and again email contents that may include sensitive and personal content that can be used to blackmail you or destroy your reputation.

How to restore your Mac to factory settings

Of course, you can keep every hard drive and flash drive you've ever owned to reduce the chances of the above happening, but after a while this method starts taking up a lot of space. So the next best thing is to securely erase them. Even though all new Macs these days come with Flash storage which I'll cover later , there are still plenty of hard drives around and in use today.

The ultimate checklist before you reset MacBook Pro

If the installer asks to unlock your disk, enter the password you use to log in to your Mac. This is like cloning your hard drive and keeping it for some time. By using FileVault to encrypt the drive startup drive and Disk Utility to encrypt external drives, all the data on the drive will be garbled, unless someone has the encryption key your password. A better and much faster method to produce a sanitized SSD volume is to encrypt the data on the drive, and then erase it, removing the stored encryption key along with everything else. Maximum character limit is Select Erase and then confirm your choice. When the erase has finished, click the Done button.

Here's how:. Which Security Option should you choose? From the available options that Disk Utility provides, Security Option 1 is, of course, the least secure.

How to: Clean Install macOS High Sierra

Someone will be able to recover your data without much effort. Security Option 4 is the most secure, but it is also widely believed to be a waste of time and electricity. Personally, I always go with option 2, but if you want to feel more confident your data is securely erased, or if you must comply with company rules, use option 3 or 4. This works for any hard drive, internal or external.