How to record your computer screen mac with sound

2 Ways to Record Screen with Audio on Mac

Click any screen to start recording that screen, or click Record in the onscreen controls.

How to easily record your laptop screen with apps you already have

Drag to select an area of the screen to record. To start recording, click Record in the onscreen controls. Or press Command-Control-Esc Escape. Take no action or swipe the thumbnail to the right and the recording is automatically saved. Click the thumbnail to open the recording. Drag the thumbnail to move the recording to another location, such as to a document, an email, a Finder window, or the Trash. Control-click the thumbnail for more options. For example, you can change the save location, open the recording in an app, or delete the recording without saving it.

Change the settings Click Options in the onscreen controls to change these settings: Save to: Choose where your recordings are automatically saved, such as Desktop, Documents, or Clipboard. Choose when to begin recording: To record your voice or other audio along with your recording, choose a microphone.

When a situation arises where you want to record the audio along with your screen recoding on your Mac , you could try raising the volume on your speakers and hope that a built-in microphone captures that audio, but that's far from elegant. Instead, you can use Soundflower.

Use Shift-Command-5 in macOS Mojave

Download and install the utility; Soundflower requires you reboot your system after installation for it to work. After your machine reboots, open QuickTime Player and start a new screen recording. In the QuickTime Player window, click the down arrow to the right of the record button and select "Soundflower 2ch " as your input. Then launch System Preferences and go to the Sound settings. What this does is route all of your system audio out to Soundflower as if the utility were speakers or headphones. That means any sound made by your Mac including Facebook notifications or similar will be recorded by QuickTime Player.

Now you can hit record in QuickTime Player and you'll capture both the video and audio in one recording. The video quality of Quick Time software tool is rated to be very high and soundflower can assist in improved audio quality so users are able to generate professional tutorials for games as well as for many applications.

How to Record Your Screen on a Mac with Audio

The recording process is much easier to follow for beginners as well as professionals. Once your recording process is complete then it is time to disconnect sound flower from audio input so that you can get back your audio on speakers. For this you have to visit system preferences and then select sound settings, go to output and select Internal Speakers as destination.

The same application can be used to record videos on iPhones as well as on iPads. All that you need to do is:. Step 1: Just get connected to your iPhone or any other portable iOS device using Quicktime player. Step 4: It is time to make settings for sound and for this you have to select iOS on microphone as well as camera options.

Once you have initiated all desired sound controls then it is time to move ahead. Step 6: Once your recording process is complete then preview your video; you can edit as well as save it to your device as per need. The quicktime player is really best option for your routine recording needs as it can gerenate videos with high resolution.

If you are searching for a free screen recorder for Mac which has professional video editing tools, then it is good to go for Filmora9 Video Editor that is compatible with Mac platform. This software tool can be accessed for free and some of its incredible features include: Product-related questions?

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