Halo reach mac cannon mod

The New MAC image - Operation: HOMEFRONT mod for Homeworld: Remastered

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Khevakins Follow Forum Posts: If you are familiar with the acclaimed 4x strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire SoaSE you will know of the huge scale of the space battles and the intricacies of spreading your empire. If not then it is about building huge fleets of space ships and sending them to fight other huge fleets of space ships and the winner of the two opposing huge fleets of ships in space gets control of what ever planet happens to be below the aforementioned space ship fleets That are Huge.

Halo Reach - Flying Mac Cannon out/in The Pillar of Autumn - Mod

Sins of the Prophets SotP is a great Halo based mod for SoaSE Entrenchment with a planned released for Rebellion at a later date that brings something that the Halo games have never full shown or developed, the epic space battles from the Halo books. The space battles are a prime part of the books and the Halo canon but it is only slightly glossed over in the Halo games.

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The UNSC is the only playable faction at the moment, released in a public beta on moddb. The Covenant are being worked on and released at a later date. SotP seeks to stay as close to the canon of the Halo books as possible. The UNSC require at least 3 to 1 odds to win against Covenant ships with thousands of opposing ships engaging each other across a universe of planets and stars.

The Fall of Reach really do put rounds clean through Covenant capital ships. But with the Covenant not released yet the mod is currently based in , 9 years before the first Halo installation is found. Most battles are fast paced and dominating the various solar systems requires you to stay on your toes and plan ahead.

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Pilot a MAC Cannon in Halo 4? Video

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Spartan laser is now a super deadly Mac cannon, it is highly recommended that you use with caution , this is more a nuclear bomb than anything else. Released April 21, Posted April 21, Posted June 3, Posted October 10, Posted November 6, This seems like a really good weapon when it comes to "last resort". Several platforms attached to trees in a mist shrouded forrest, much as the Ewoks on Endor.

Red and Blue spawn on opposite hills. Best played with attached gametype. A mod with new modded weapons and new modified vehicles.

How To Put Halo Reach On Your Mac

Sins of a Galactic Empire: Only registered members can share their thoughts. Artificial intelligence. Star Treck based mod Not released Sacrifice of Angels 2: A Sphere, was a training ground constructed to combat the UNSC's deficiencies in low gravity firefights. Reference Art of Halo.

A chaotic and fun map to play with friends! Bloodgulch in the snow, with sniping posts in the sky.

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Includes a few CE weapons, too. The second area of "Halo", the second Halo campaign level, revised for multiplayer. Halo 2 style, map located indoors in a somewhat tropical, sightseeing environment. A secret valley with two forest shrines, has a Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time feel to it! Lots of projectile switches and includes new weapons with Cave Teles as its base map. This is a map where the Covenant Aliens have shown their presence by converting human weapons and re-landscaping the map.

It modifies the Deep Space Arena mod. Omega is a new map which includes a space BSP with a map made out of scenery.

About This File

The covenant hangar bay from a This map was made to fulfill a request to add more cliffs to Bloodgulch, and I also added a tunnel with two concealed entrances. You can consider this a template or a mod, because it is otherwise undeveloped beyond the normal bloodgulch. Version 2.

Future versions will be built up to make this much more fun. TG, A. A Sphere, was a training ground constructed to combat the UNSC's deficiencies in low gravity firefights.

Steam Workshop :: Magnetic Acceleration Cannon (MAC)

The curvature of the structure coupled with the magnetic capabilities of the MJOLNIR armor forces soldiers to take a whole new perspective on firefights. A horror environment that changes bitmaps, lighting, user interface, and the overall appearance of the map. Bloodgulch with actual night lightmaps and custom sky. Not pitch black, but no sunlight. An entirely new map containing light bridges, doors, platforms, and a great deal of darkness. Careful, watch your step.

Equipment modifications and other CSS changes are present, including relocated and removed teleporters and additional powerups. You play as a spartan who has adapted to an alien homeworld.

Inspired by, and features music from, the Aliens vs.