Toast 8 mac os 10.4 Toast data recovery, Roxio says, works best for audio and video files which can be used even when only partial data is available. MP3 and AAC files we recovered from our test CD sound like they "skipped" or had audible glitches where data was unrecoverable. Most were listenable, except for one track with dozens of sector errors.

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For most people, it will be far more cost effective than the services of specialized data recovery firms such as Drive Savers. Roxio's Toast team has redesigned Toast 8's interface. Previous versions used Apple's Aqua-style drawers to set disc options and access media. It was a bit awkward, as the connection between the four icons at the top of the window and the disc options at left wasn't really clear without experimentation, and it didn't make efficient use of screen real estate.

Toast 8 unifies the disc types and options in a menu on the left, which clearly shows the relationship between major disc types Data, Audio, Video, Copy and sub-types e. This one change makes the program far more accessible and understandable. And Toast 8's media browser is no longer a confusing tab within the drawer. A floating palette much like Apple's own media browser makes good use of screen space, providing plenty of room for long lists of iTunes, iPhoto albums, and TiVo and EyeTV recordings.

There's no Aperture library support, though — we hope to see this added in an update, since Aperture now exports information for iLife applications. Toast's media browser also includes a Spotlight tab — type in a search term to get standard Spotlight results, then drag them into your Toast project.

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We find Spotlight to be too slow, but if it works for you, you'll be pleased with this feature. The media browser fades in and out smoothly when opened or closed, and subtle animations within the main Toast window provide some harmless eye candy. The animations disable themselves about a minute after Toast launches, but there is a preference to turn them off entirely, too.

Feedback during burns is outstanding. Perhaps this was too subtle for some users; when burning or copying discs, Toast 8 now shrinks the whole Toast window to a compact window with very large, readable status information. Roxio says this is designed to be easily readable across a room.

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We like it; it's easy to toss this mini-window into an unused corner of a 20" iMac's display and see what's going on without having to focus in on a tiny Dock icon. We'd like to see media exporting get this same mini-window, instead of the modal sheet currently used when converting video for iPod or PSP.

Our only real complaint about Toast's new design is that its minimum window size is larger than an x display.

But, Toast 8 doesn't support G3 processors, so first generation iBook owners with x displays can't use Toast 8 anyway. Every Apple display shipped in the past five years is at least x pixels, plenty large enough for Toast 8. Toast 8 now supports your own menu backgrounds, which can be any image file, and the menu highlight can now be any color, instead of just yellow. This is ideal for studio-quality recordings, offering even better fidelity than standard audio CDs.

Toast is one of the most frequently bundled Mac applications included with aftermarket burners. While TiVo Transfer worked flawlessly for us, some Toast 8 customers are having severe problems, as documented in Roxio's user forums.

Introduction and History

Feb 22, It debuted as Windows-only software, but TiVo promised a Mac version, which You'll need a G4 or better running OS X to get Toast 8. (1) MacBook Pro 2GHz Core Duo, 2 GB RAM, OS ; (2) Dual GHz I opened TiVo Transfer, an application included in Toast 8 Titanium. The TiVo may .

Some users seem to have truly intractable problems with TiVo Transfer. Roxio appears not to be able to provide much support for these frustrated customers. One MacInTouch reader received a fairly prompt reply from Roxio support in his first enquiry, but after having no success with their suggestions and asking for more help, he received no further responses. We have no way of knowing whether the problems lay with Roxio, TiVo, or end-user configurations. Roxio's customer support communication definitely could be improved, however.

Toast 8 still offers all the same features it used to, including support for esoteric disc formats and top-notch creation of hybrid discs. This latest version adds great new functionality, particularly disc cataloging, data recovery, TiVo support and improvements for Windows users. Additional small improvements pervade the application, ranging from subtly re-arranged dialog boxes to selectable "Autorun" support for Windows PCs.

We love Toast's new user interface. It's better laid out, makes better use of screen space, and is faster and easier to use. Toast 8 also provides more status information, which is easier to read, while burning discs. The included utilities are generally useful.

toast titanium mac os x 10.4

DiskCatalogMaker is fast and does exactly what it is designed for, and no more — an excellent utility. It also supports LightScribe burners, but we didn't test this. The Deja vu backup program is now a Universal Binary, but is otherwise unchanged since its introduction with Toast 7.

Roxio launches Toast 8 Titanium

Roxio now offers true upgrade pricing for owners of Toast 7, Jam 6 or Popcorn 2 at their website, rather than mail-in rebates. We feel that Toast 8 is a good choice for TiVo owners. Freeware utilities can provide similar functionality, but not the same degree of integration and one-click burning. Toast 8 Titanium is one of the only Mac disc-burning utilities that isn't just a front-end to Mac OS X's built-in frameworks, which other products use as a springboard to enter the Mac market at low cost.

System Requirements

Roxio's Toast team has risen to this competitive challenge, again delivering a high-value product with new features and plenty of welcome improvements at a reasonable price. Toast saves disc projects to its own ". The data disc projects we created in Toast 7 opened without trouble in Toast 8, and Toast 8 data disc projects also opened in Toast 7 without trouble. However, Toast 8 has changed the format it uses for audio CD projects to add support for cross-fades and other features brought in from Jam.

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We would expect that the old version couldn't use the new format, but we also discovered that Toast 8 can't successfully open Toast 7 audio CD projects! Users with many Toast 7 audio CD ". Confusing matters further, both Toast 7 and 8 will open each other's audio CD projects without complaint, but they won't actually show anything in the Toast project window! We hope that Roxio will update Toast 8 to open Toast 7 audio cd project files.

As it stands, anyone who created template audio cd projects as part of their workflow in Toast 7 will have to create them again for Toast 8. Toast 8 will then open the disc image with all the songs and timings for spaces intact and in the correct order. Then save it as a new Toast 8 file.

In our review of Toast 7, we noted that it did not include any Automator actions, despite robust AppleScript support. Fingerman previously worked for Apple on Internet client software, services and content from System 7. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums.

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The data disc projects we created in Toast 7 opened without trouble in Toast 8, and Toast 8 data disc projects also opened in Toast 7 without trouble. Each 5. Double-clicking a file prompts for the source volume, and that file is then opened; but double-clicking a folder opens a new viewer window. Posted May 19, Pop-Ups are the type of CC that just appear on the screen:

You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member. Join for free. Register now. New Two-Day Giveaway - Enter now and win great prizes. Enter Here. JavaScript is disabled. Setting up the TiVo Transfer application is a lead-pipe cinch: Setting up Auto Transfer helps automate the process of bringing content over to your Mac. Unfortunately, the actual quality and speed of video output still leaves something to be desired. I found the quality of video converted and exported by Toast 8 Titanium to be lower than I could achieve on my own with applications like Handbrake —images were often darker and less distinct.

But Toast 8 Titanium is still the best Mac application out there for exporting video to a wide range of different formats. For example, once my TiVo content is on my hard drive, I still need to tell Toast to rip the video to a format that my PSP understands. It would be handy if there were a way to automate this entire workflow.

Each 5.